Welocome to Laos Festival 2020

Sa Bai Dee,

              May I greet in Lao word “Sa Bai Dee” which means “Konnichiwa” and “Hello”, and also mean good health and welcome all of you to visit Laos Festival 2020 at Yoyogi Park Tokyo, from 30 to 31 May 2020.

              Organizing annually the Laos Festival in Tokyo is one of the most important functions to deepen mutual understanding, to tighten friendship-cooperation, people-to-people relations between Lao and Japanese people. Moreover, beyond 6 decades friendship and implementing strategic partnership between Japan and Laos, the Festival has further received broader supports from the Japanese public with an increasingly huge numbers of attendants, over two hundreds thousands people in two days.

              Amidst the trusting atmosphere in Japan-Laos relations, on behalf of the Embassy of the Lao PDR to Japan, the Lao Government and people, I would like to express our sincere thanks and heartfelt appreciation to the Japanese Government and people, Friends of Laos in Japan for unswerving support to the Laos Festival.  

              Especially this year is the Visit Laos Year 2018 which is to guarantee Laos as the Top Tourism Destination and the Festival would be more fantastic than ever.   Do Not Miss to experience the charm of Lao culture with full of unique ethnic identity, music, artistic performance (Lao dance like Lamvong and Basalop, Lao traditional instrument “Khean”, Bahsi ceremony, Lao festival parade etc) and food and Beer Lao.

Laos Festival Organizing Committee

Lao Danceres

Lao Singers

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